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First Hand Accounts

“I’m sure a lot of people are similar to my skin, it wasn’t horrible acne but it was enough to make me insecure and stressed, I know texture is normal but I knew my skin was capable of being smoother because of how it was on birth control. My scalp was also horrible, I would have blood on my pillow from how itchy it was. Now my skin is so beautiful thanks to Emma’s Artistry. Also my scalp is all healed and hydrated, you are the best. I just can’t believe how simple changes can make such a difference, Thank you!"

Annalyssa J.

"Emma's Artistry is my go-to for dermaplaning and facials on my mature skin. Emma is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled, and her treatments are both relaxing and effective. My skin always looks and feels amazing after visiting her. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my skin care needs!"

Samira G.

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